The Best Time of Year to Build a Pool

Have you already decided to install a swimming pool at home? How about deciding on the shape and size of the pool? Having a pool in your backyard is quite convenient because you get to relax without stepping out of your home.
The time to install a pool is as important as choosing its placement. Shoreline Pools understands this, that is why the provide all-year-round solutions for you. Regardless of the weather, we will ensure that your pool is installed without a problem.
That said, make sure you consider the seasonal differences before you settle for an installation solution. This is because each season comes with its pros and cons. When you know what to expect based on the season, you can make an informed decision.
We have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you make the ultimate choice. Let's dive in!


Many people prefer to install their pool in the springtime because then, they can enjoy their new backyard feature throughout the summer. Summer months are warm and ideal for spending time in the pool.
For this reason, most pool builders are busy throughout spring because of the high demand for their services. This means that getting a hold of a professional pool builder during this time can be hard.
Not to mention the hiked prices because, in April, the ground tends to be soft because of the showers. This will not only require you to dig deeper into your pockets, there will also be delays.


As you know, the sun comes out to play during summer months, which means, pool building services will be in high demand. You're better off scheduling your project towards the end of summer. The frenzy shall have cooled off, and you get what you need at an affordable price. The downfall of this plan, however, is you have to wait an entire year to enjoy your pool.


Fall months have steady weather which makes it ideal for pool building. Since the ground is drier at this time of the year, you will not experience any delays. In case you need to dress up your backyard as well, this is the time to do it. Once the pool is built however, you have to wait for months before you can enjoy it.


Winter is the best time to build a pool for anyone who has financial concerns. There will be many discounts you can take advantage of because not many will be building pools. Make sure to contact your builder before January because many manufacturers increase prices during New Year's Eve.
Wrapping Up
It is clear that a lot of factors come into play when deciding on the best time to build a pool. If your main concern is the price of installation, build your pool in winter of the fall. However, if you want the backyard to be ready for summer, you should install your pool during spring. All in all, make sure the decision you make is best for you.


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