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Choosing the Right Material for Your Pool Deck

 There's nothing quite like swimming on a hot summer's day, especially when you only need to go to your backyard to have a quick dip. Swimming pools make for an excellent addition to any home. They can enhance your property value, entertain guests, and give you and your family a much-needed break from the heat. If you decide to build your own swimming pool, that means you have free reign over every aspect of its design. That includes its shape, depth, and overall size - but what about its surroundings? Many people are unaware of the impact that a deck can have on their pool's overall appearance and enjoyment. That's why we wanted to dive in (pardon the pun) to the different types of pool deck materials and what they have to offer you and your future pool. Wooden Decks A wooden pool deck can make for an ornate addition to your landscape. Wooden decks are a somewhat traditional choice for home pools. They offer a comforting feeling on your feet when you step out of the wa