Getting your pool ready for Summer

Summer is around the corner and you want to get your pool ready! You might be working from home and don't have the time for DIYs. The hustle and bustle of life are keeping you busy. If everything sounds familiar, you can contact Nationwide Pool. Nationwide Pool has been dealing with pool-related services for many years. You can get help in getting your pool ready for summers so that you don't have to do anything yourself. Read on for more information. Getting Your Pool Summer Ready with Nationwide Pool Since 1981, the team has been working, and thus, you can leave all the hassle of cleaning and maintenance on Nationwide Pool. Let's discuss why you need to get your pool summer-ready: Relax and Chill in A Clean Pool When summer is around, you would like to have some fun in the pool. It's not just a fun place to be, but you can actually enjoy a fun workout in the pool. You can simply have some cold beverages on a hot summer day. In any case, it's importan

Building a pool during the pandemic

  Do you think it's a good time to build a pool during the pandemic? If so, you are in the right place. You might be thinking of fun ways to spend your time wisely during the pandemic. A pool can surely help! Nationwide Pool is there for you during this tough time. Let's discuss why a pool during the pandemic is a good idea. Family Fun Time In case of a lockdown when there is nowhere to go, you can enjoy your time with the family. You can even arrange a barbeque or small party within the house with the family members. You have to follow the safety protocols. You can enjoy a small pool party with the family members. Plus, you can exercise in the pool if it's spacious. In any case, you can have so much fun with a pool in your house. A Suitable Investment Adding a pool to your house can add beauty to it. It would be a suitable investment plus; you have a clean and safe pool that's just for you and your family. You can contact the Nationwide Pool and ask for the

Understanding pool chemicals

If you have a swimming pool with your home, it is important to remember it needs lots of regular upkeep. This is why you must have a strong grasp on some of the pool maintenance essentials to help you get things done. The best pool maintenance will always include the right chemicals to keep all the bad stuff out. Balancing the Water Chemistry Pool chemistry for some can sound really complicated, but it doesn’t need to be that bad. It is an essential part of maintaining the water in the pool and you can do some of the work on your own, though many homeowners have found a lot of success with hiring a professional to get it done for you. One of the most important things you can purchase to help with the water chemistry is a water testing kit. This will allow you a chance to see what is in the water and figure out if more chemicals are needed or not. You want a good balance of chemicals, too few and they are not able to do their job, too many and it can be really uncomfortable for yo

Is It Better to Build My Pool During the Winter?

Owning a swimming pool is truly amazing. It is one of the best spots in your home to relax, unwind and have fun. Some things you can do in and around your pool include swimming workouts, swimming competitions, parties, training sessions for your kids, and even playing volleyball. Building a pool in winter is probably not among the things you intend to do when the season comes. After all, you will be huddled over your space heater sipping one warm drink after the other. Plus, you probably haven't seen anyone do it before! But, what if we tell you today that this could be one of the best seasons to have your pool done? Building a pool or spa before the weather warms up once again comes with a number of advantages. Have a look at the four top benefits you should never miss. Better Working Conditions Working outdoors when hot is challenging. Pool builders are likely to suffer heat exhaustion, fatigue, cramps and even a heat stroke. Besides, the harsh weather can force them to wor

Does Adding a Heating Unit to Your Las Vegas Pool Make Sense?

  One of the greatest aspects of owning your own pool is that you can customize it as much or as little as you like. That means choosing your own deck surface, water depth, and even expanding or diminishing the pool's overall size. One common practice of pool-owners is to add a heating unit to their pool. This can raise water temperatures, making swimming at night or in cooler weather much more pleasurable. However, if you live in Las Vegas, is the addition of a heating unit to your swimming pool going to make much of a difference? Let's investigate how heating units work and their benefits to see if a heating unit in your pool is a good choice. Power Consumption Heating units require energy to run, which can increase your overall energy bills. However, it can be difficult to predict how much power will be needed. This depends on a number of things, including fuel type, the size of the pool that needs to be heated (or the amount of water), and how hot you like your pool w

How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Filters?

  Your pool filters are what make your swimming pool shiny and clean, which is why you always want them functioning at their best. Part of the maintenance process involves cleaning your pool cartridges regularly, which can help remove dirt, gunk, and other general debris that might be clogging up your cartridge and keeping it from performing at its best. If you've noticed a decline in your pool's water quality, it's a likely sign that it's time to clean those filters out! Another way to know it's time to clean out your cartridges is if the PSI on your pool is higher than 8 during normal functioning procedures - this number shows that things are starting to build up, and that action needs to be taken soon. Cleaning Your Pool Cartridges The first step of cleaning your cartridges out involves identifying them. If you're new to pool maintenance, then just consult either an owner's manual or a professional for more information. Once identified, cleaning

When Is It Time to Replace Your Pool Motor?

  A pool pump is what makes the difference between a clean pool and an unpleasant swimming experience. Unfortunately, sometimes your pool's motor starts acting up. When this happens, all sorts of things can go wrong with your pool, which is why we  wrote up this blog post to help people figure out exactly what a pool problem might be. If it's the motor, then we want to provide you with everything you need to know to solve the issue. If you need anymore assistance with your pool maintenance , Nationwide Pool has got you covered. Diagnosing the Problem If you've noticed a lack of water clarity, a strange smell, or just something off about your pool water in general, then it's natural to assume your pump motor might be the problem. However, that isn't always the case. Sometimes your pool wall can crack, allowing soil and moisture from underground to seep into your pool. When this happens, it can color your water, affect the smell, and lead to more damage. If yo