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Pool Building and Remodeling Tips

If you are considering adding a swimming pool to your backyard or remodeling the one you already have, here are a few helpful tips about the startup process to consider, especially if you didn’t use Nationwide Pool and your Pool Contractor doesn’t do it for you, and believe me, most of them don’t. Once your pool is full of water, it will require extra attention. A pool start-up includes brushing, filtration and chemical balancing. If you are not comfortable with the necessary procedures, we suggest that you consult with Nationwide Pool or another pool cleaning service professional. The following is valuable information and some basic guidelines to be followed during the startup process: As plaster cures, generally over the first (30) days, it is important to frequently remove plaster dust in a timely manner by brushing the pool daily to stabilize water chemistry in the pool. It is known that chemicals can have a significant impact upon the life of your plaster which is why it is su