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How to Stop Algae From Growing in Your Pool

At one time or another, every pool owner has had to deal with algae problems. No matter the preventive measures you put in place, algae can still find a way to bloom. Whether you are keeping a watchful eye on it or using a properly working filtration system, they can still develop. They tend to penetrate the pool in numerous ways. The most notorious ones however, are through dirt, rain and wind. In some occasions, even a swimmer's bathing suit or body can introduce algae into a pool. In that regard, keeping algae spores out of the pool is not possible, that is why it's essential to prevent them from blossoming into large algae blooms. We all understand how advantageous it is to have algae-free water: keeping your family healthy and happy. Compiled below are a few tips on how you can prevent and eliminate algae. Regularly Use Sanitizer The algae spores will always find a way into your pool. Luckily, they can be killed by sanitizers or chlorine before they grow any larger.