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The Best Time of Year to Build a Pool

Have you already decided to install a swimming pool at home? How about deciding on the shape and size of the pool? Having a pool in your backyard is quite convenient because you get to relax without stepping out of your home. The time to install a pool is as important as choosing its placement. Shoreline Pools understands this, that is why the provide all-year-round solutions for you. Regardless of the weather, we will ensure that your pool is installed without a problem. That said, make sure you consider the seasonal differences before you settle for an installation solution. This is because each season comes with its pros and cons. When you know what to expect based on the season, you can make an informed decision. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you make the ultimate choice. Let's dive in! SPRING Many people prefer to install their pool in the springtime because then, they can enjoy their new backyard feature throughout the summer. Summer months are war