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Cloudy Pool Water

When you look at your pool and see a giant bowl of milk, a cloudy lemonade—or worse like a swamp, no one wants to dive into it even on a scorching summer day. Not only is milky pool water uninviting, it could also be a dangerous bleeding place for many bacteria. In addition to this, it can damage your pool circulation system. To keep theses damages at bay, you have to figure out what caused the cloudiness in your pool before you can think of fixing the same. Solutions for returning the glory to your pool will vary depending on how the pool became cloudy. So what the heck caused the milky water in your pool and how can you go by it? The Sanitizer snatchers When some natural debris like grass or leaves find their way into your pool, your sanitizers should work by attacking them. But, sanitizers cannot dissolve large amount of solids—this is what the filtration system is for. If these solids are not gotten rid of physically or by filtration, they end up gobbling up your sanitizer