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Does Adding a Heating Unit to Your Las Vegas Pool Make Sense?

  One of the greatest aspects of owning your own pool is that you can customize it as much or as little as you like. That means choosing your own deck surface, water depth, and even expanding or diminishing the pool's overall size. One common practice of pool-owners is to add a heating unit to their pool. This can raise water temperatures, making swimming at night or in cooler weather much more pleasurable. However, if you live in Las Vegas, is the addition of a heating unit to your swimming pool going to make much of a difference? Let's investigate how heating units work and their benefits to see if a heating unit in your pool is a good choice. Power Consumption Heating units require energy to run, which can increase your overall energy bills. However, it can be difficult to predict how much power will be needed. This depends on a number of things, including fuel type, the size of the pool that needs to be heated (or the amount of water), and how hot you like your pool w